WATCH: Detroit Pistons and Orlando Magic Players Ejected After On-Court Fight

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WATCH: Detroit Pistons and Orlando Magic Players Ejected After On-Court Fight

The NBA League saw a chaotic incident last night as the Detroit Pistons welcomed the Orlando Magic. With 33 seconds remaining in the second quarter, Detroit's Killian Hayes tried to retrieve the ball as it went out of bounds.

Orlando's center, Moritz Wagner, tried to block the ball but ended up pushing Hayes aggressively towards the bench. This sparked a melee on the court as the Detroit players immediately attacked Wagner, with Hamidou Diallo pushing him from behind and Hayes hitting Wagner in the back of the head with his forearm, causing Wagner to fall unconscious.

As the situation calmed down, Wagner, Hayes, and Diallo were ejected from the game. Speaking after the Pistons' 121-101 victory, Detroit coach Dwane Casey said, "I need an explanation about the decision because my understanding is you can’t leave the bench area and escalate a situation.

That’s when really bad things can happen." Wagner's younger brother, Franz, commented on the incident, saying, "I haven’t seen the video, but I know that’s the last thing [Killian Hayes] wanted to do. We’re aware of the rule, but things like that usually happen on the court, not on one of the benches.

Your worry is that your teammate is down there amongst the whole other team."

The video:

This altercation is just the latest in a long history of on-court fights and scuffles in the NBA. From the famous "Malice at the Palace" in 2004, where a fight between the Indiana Pacers and Detroit Pistons spilled into the stands, to more recent incidents such as the now infamous altercation between the Houston Rockets and Los Angeles Lakers in 2021, it's clear that tensions can run high during the intense competition of professional basketball.

The best for Detroit were Burks with 32 points and Bey with 28, while Bojan Bogdanović scored 14, with five assists and three rebounds. For Magic, Franz Wagner stood out with 19 points and six rebounds, Carter with 16 points and eight rebounds, and Banchero with 15 points and five rebounds.

Overall, it was a tumultuous and unfortunate incident that marred an otherwise exciting basketball game. The Pistons came out on top with a 121-101 victory, but the altercation will surely be a topic of discussion in the days to come.