Shaquille O'Neal's Legendary Career: Only 22 Three-Point Shots in 19 Years

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Shaquille O'Neal's Legendary Career: Only 22 Three-Point Shots in 19 Years

In an interview with Riga Dardalis and Vassilis Skoundis on COSMOTE TV's Pick n' Roll show, Shaquille O'Neal spoke fondly of Panagiotis Fasoulas, shared an embarrassing moment from his visit to Athens, and praised Giannis Antetokounmpo's hard work and dedication to the game.

He also reflected on the Bucks' chances of success in the NBA and how Antetokounmpo could have easily thrived in previous decades as well. He was asked if he remembers game against Fasoula in the 1994 in Toronto. “What I remember is his nice hair.

He would also do a head movement and the hair would go back and forth and you had a hard time marking him. He was a tall player with a sweet touch on the ball but he’s also a nice guy”. He also gave his opinion on Kobe Brayant and John.

“I don’t know how hardworking Giannis is, Kobe has been different but looking at things I would say yes. Tthe one I see in the game, he is unstoppable. Kobe was like that. People have different mindsets about how to do their work.

Let’s say I didn’t do much training because everything was going through my mind, I knew I was going to “finish” you when I entered the field, anyway”.

No Regrets: "It's Just Business"

He was asked if he regrets leaving Lakers.

“I didn’t leave, I was traded, so I don’t regret anything, it’s business. They owed me money that they didn’t want to give me, so they traded me. It’s all about business”. When asked if he thinks Bucks are favourite in this championship Shaq said.

“Always. They have Giannis and with a healthy Middleton they always play well. There are certainly other teams in the East that will make some noise as well. It’s all about health and luck. Milwaukee has a plan and knows what it takes. They have to to be healthy. Last year they lost Middleton for a couple of matches and it cost them”.