LeBron James Shatters Another Record as LA Lakers Triumph Over Clippers

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LeBron James Shatters Another Record as LA Lakers Triumph Over Clippers

LeBron James wrote new pages of history in the NBA, and he managed something that no one before him has done. LeBron became the first player to score at least 40 points against every team in the league. "We'll see when we get there," James said of surpassing the former Lakers great, per ESPN. "We'll see what, will it hit me? Just over the last few years, the last couple years since we won a championship, just a lot of accomplishments have been happening in a losing effort.

"So, it's been very kind of difficult to kind of even digest some or all the accomplishments because I don't want to celebrate on losses." During the previous night, LeBron scored 46 points for the Clippers in the city derby, but his Lakers were defeated 133:115.

"It was scary," Clippers star guard Paul George said. "I've seen that look in Bron." "It's just incredible," George said of James. "I think the one thing that sticks out is just how long he's been doing it. To be 38 [and score] 46 tonight.

That is super impressive. To do it [for] 20 years, that's what stands out the most is just his longevity in his game and to be available. He's pretty much been available throughout his whole career. "The league is his. Stand-up guy, been [an] amazing mentor, leader to a lot of us young guys, and he's been awesome.

It's great that he'll be the scoring leader."

Leonard said James has been "inspirational."

"I didn't think of it too much until he's gotten closer and closer," Leonard said of James closing in on Abdul-Jabbar's record. "I mean, [James is] one-of-one talent right there.

You see it for yourself, the way he's playing at this age. "Definitely inspirational for everyone, just to sustain that energy and that mindset to play that long and still wanting to go out and contribute with this effort." The Clippers were the last team missing from LeBron's list of 40+ point games.

James is averaging 29.8 points this season, and should soon overtake Karim Abdul-Jabbar for the most points scored in league history. He is only 178 points short of that record, and the estimate is that he will reach the eternal record in February.