Nikola Jokic Leads Nuggets To Victory With Triple-Double Performance

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Nikola Jokic Leads Nuggets To Victory With Triple-Double Performance

Seven games were played on the NBA courts in the night behind us, and Nikola Jokic scored a new brilliant game this season. The Serbian basketball player returned to the court after a two-game break and marked it in a fantastic way - with a triple-double performance for Denver's victory.

His Nuggets celebrated in a drama on the road to the New Orleans Pelicans with a score of 99:98. Jokic, in addition to the triple-double, scored for Denver's victory with 16 seconds left. The fact that he recorded a triple-double in the last six of the seven games, and this is his 15th such performance this season, speaks volumes for his form.

“I’m just playing the game," Jokic said via ESPN. "I’m glad I found open teammates. I actually made the last basket. I’m just glad that we won the game. Individual awards don’t really matter”.

Along with the game-winning goal, he scored 25 points (11 out of 15 field goals), 11 rebounds, and 10 assists. The Pelicans had an attack to win and even three attempts, but they were inaccurate each time and were left without a triumph.

Wizards beat Dallas

A fantastic performance was also recorded by Luka Doncic, who scored 41 points for his Dallas team, but even that was not enough against the Washington Wizards, who won with a score of 127:126. However, in the very end, Doncic hit only one free throw out of two, leveling the score at 126:126, and then the visitors, through Kuzma, who did the same with free throws, came within half a basket and won.

“Luka had the right intention, was making the right play,” Dinwiddie said. “Delon just made a good play with his hands, something he's known for”. “I think there was some debate about whether he stepped out, whether he (was) fouled,” Wizards coach Wes Unseld Jr.

said,per ESPN. “Thankfully, fouled. Those types of situations happen fast. You've got to make a split-second decision”. “It’s easy to get excited about one performance. We’ve got along road trip ahead,” Unseld said. “It could be a catalyst for something, to be a little short-handed, able to compete on the road, an area which we've struggled at times”.

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