Stephen Curry Ejected From The Game For the 3rd Time In His Career

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Stephen Curry Ejected From The Game For the 3rd Time In His Career
Stephen Curry Ejected From The Game For the 3rd Time In His Career

Golden State basketball player Stephen Curry was suspended from a game for the third time in his career, and like the previous two, the reason is again for throwing his mouth guard. Curry lost his temper after his teammate Jordan Poole missed a three-point shot when he was alone and ready to go for a three-pointer with one minute and 14 seconds left in the game.

As the result was 116:114 for the current champion, Curry got angry because of the missed shot and while returning to the defense, he took the mouthpiece out of his mouth and threw it off the court. The referee immediately stopped the game and ejected Curry from the game.

Curry ejected from the game

Curry outperformed Morant and scored 34 points before getting sent off with 1:14 left in another thrilling matchup between the rivals who faced off in the Warriors' six-game victory over them in the Western Conference semifinals last year.

With 2:18 remaining, Curry made a tying jump shot, and with 1:55 remaining, he made three free throws. After firing the mouthpiece into the stands, he was gone for the finish. “Stephen Curry takes his mouthpiece and throws into the stands with force, as per rule, that is an automatic ejection”.

“He knows he can’t make that mistake,” coach Steve Kerr said, per ESPN. “To win the game after the Steph ejection was great. I liked the execution down the stretch”. This is only the third suspension for the great Curry in 14 seasons played in the NBA League, and each one was for the same reason, more precisely for throwing a mouthguard.

"It was a crucial time in the game, and the way that our season has gone, questions about a heightened sense of urgency ... when you want something really bad ... I reacted in a way that put myself out of the game and put the team in a tough place," Curry said.

Fortunately for him, Golden State celebrated the victory in the end, and the final score was 122:120. "We needed this win in a desperate way," Curry said. "Not just because it was Memphis and all of the narratives there, but it is just how we are playing.

... To see the guys bounce back the way that they did and finish the job, there were a lot of celebrations in the tunnel."

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