Damian Lillard Leads Portland to Victory With 60-Point Game

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Damian Lillard Leads Portland to Victory With 60-Point Game

Portland basketball players reached their 23rd victory in the NBA league by defeating Utah with a score of 134:124. Portland was led to victory by the masterful Damian Lillard, who finished the match with as many as 60 points, 7 rebounds and 8 assists, and only three other players had a double-digit performance.

"That was incredible, man," Blazers coach Chauncey Billups said, per ESPN. "You don't get to see that very often, to be that efficient. For a guy to score 60 points and only 10 free throws and make nine of them, you're thinking either this dude has an absurd amount of 3s.

It was just incredible how efficient he was." "It's the most efficient 60-point game ever, for real?" Lillard said. "That's crazy. I didn't know that. I'm just sitting here thinking I had a shot at the end of the shot clock from half court toward the end that I shot.

It probably would have been a little bit better. I missed a free throw. Damn." "I don't want to say it was easy because they had some big bodies and some long defenders out there, but I think usually I get into a groove where I'm just going without making those simple plays, that teams start to come after me sooner," he said. "I was kicking it ahead, I was swinging it, so it didn't feel like they came after me until the very end.

That's why it seemed like the most simple one of all of them."

Nurkic exits the game after getting injured

Among others was Jusuf Nurkic, who scored 10 points with 4 rebounds and 4 assists, but played only 18 minutes. In the middle of the third quarter, Nurkic was injured, so he left the game and did not return to the floor, and after the match, it was announced that he had injured the calf of his left leg.

According to the first information, the injury is not of a serious nature, and he can be expected back on the court very soon.