LeBron James: "Bronny can choose any college he wants"

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LeBron James: "Bronny can choose any college he wants"

The future destination of Bronny James, son of Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James, is not yet known. According to US rumors, LeBron's son could finish a top-notch college. Among the favorites USC, Oregon and Ohio State.

For the Oregonian, Lebron James discussed this choice with his son, and more specifically the possibility of his future in Oregon. The Akron native confirmed that there's a chance Bronny could go to Oregon and that the interest is mutual: "Oregon, for some strange reason, has always been one of his top five or six college favorites.

Dana Altman, coach at Oregon knows that. He knows his interest and it's mutual. Broony will make his own decision, but there's a chance it could end there." However, LeBron explained that, at present, Oregon has not offered a scholarship to Bronny, but obviously it is only a detail: "I think Bronny can go to any college he wants.

All I have to do is pick up the phone. If Bronny says he wants to go to a specific college, he's good enough to make it." As far as Oregon is concerned, the university is closely tied to Nike and, inevitably, could play an important role.

Same goes for the college basketball program: "I think Oregon has the ability to send continuous pros into the league. It's churning out talent. My son wants to go pro. Dana Altman, from the outside, looks like a great coach. He's been winning at Oregon for a while, so Bronny's pretty smart to see that there are opportunities there." Regarding his performance against the Clippers, LeBron said: "I managed to hit several shots tonight and I tried to keep us in the game.

But the Clippers are very strong, they are exceptional when they can shoot from three, and tonight they succeeded. They are I got to this point without even thinking about it, I just thought about the games and playing the right way.

Even tonight, when I shot a lot, I tried to distribute the ball to my teammates, to make sure they stayed in the rhythm of the game. I always played like this. When I get to the record, we'll see. We'll see if I'm impressed. In the last couple of years since we won the ring, I've gotten a lot of compliments after losses.

So, it's hard for me to accept these compliments because I don't like to celebrate after we lose a game. It's really unbelievable. I think the thing that strikes me the most is how long he's been able to do these things. Being able to score 46 points at 38 is awesome.

And to do it for twenty consecutive years, what stands out most is his longevity in the game. The league is him. He's been a fantastic mentor, a leader to so many like me growing up and that's fantastic. It's a great thing that he will become the NBA's scoring leader."

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