Warriors Triumph Over Raptors as Stephen Curry Scores 35 Points

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Warriors Triumph Over Raptors as Stephen Curry Scores 35 Points
Warriors Triumph Over Raptors as Stephen Curry Scores 35 Points

Golden State's basketball players beat Toronto at home with a score of 129:117 and thus achieved their 25th victory in 49 games played in the strongest basketball league in the world. In an efficient first quarter, in which a total of 70 points were scored, Toronto was somewhat more successful and had a lead of 36:34, which the home team was able to cancel in the second part and went to the break with a minimal advantage of 63:62.

The third quarter-final went to Golden State again, this time with a score of 35:32, but it was clear that a lot of excitement awaited us at the end of the match, which was true, and in the end, the local basketball players had more knowledge and concentration, who celebrated with a score of 129:117 and achieved an important victory in the fight for the best possible position that leads them to the playoffs.

“It feels like we took better care of the ball tonight,” Golden State coach Steve Kerr said, per ESPN. “When Steph plays like that, the whole game opens up. The whole floor opens up”. Curry and Thompson lead Warriors to victory The current champion was led to victory by Curry, who scored 35 points, followed by Thompson with 29 points.

On the other hand, in the ranks of Toronto, VanVleet stood out with 28 points. “We've been teetering on either side of .500 for a very long time. I'm kind of sick of it at this point," Curry said. “(We've) got to figure out how to keep moving in the right direction and stack wins no matter how we can get 'em”.

“He just showed another element to his game that some might have doubted,” Thompson said. “To get on the hot streak he did was very impressive, and for that man, the sky's the limit for his talent”.

“We knew what we were coming up against, and we've had fairly good success guarding and executing, and tonight we just didn't do it,” Toronto coach Nick Nurse said. “We missed a lot of communication, we just got beat physically”.

In other matches, Milwaukee beat Indiana as a guest with a score of 141:131, while Minnesota was better than Memphis at home with a score of 111:100. Miami, also as the host, was better than Orlando with 110:105, while Oklahoma beat Cleveland in front of its fans with 112:100.

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