ChatGPT chooses Michael Jordan as NBA GOAT!

The website asked the new and very famous AI ChatGPT which are the best NBA players in history

by Lorenzo Ciotti
ChatGPT chooses Michael Jordan as NBA GOAT!

The website asked the new and very famous AI ChatGPT which are the best NBA players in history. Here is ChatGPT's answer: "Michael Jordan. His combination of skill, athleticism, and competitive spirit is unmatched.

He led the Chicago Bulls to six NBA championships, won the MVP trophy five times, and was the season's leading scorer ten times. But more than stats, what set him apart was his ability to take charge of a game and lead his team to victory.

He was simply a winner and there will never be another player like him." ChatGPT has received generally positive comments. Samantha Lock of The Guardian highlighted that it was able to generate extraordinarily detailed and human-like text.

Technology journalist Dan Gillmor used ChatGPT for a school assignment and found that the generated text was on par with what a good student would provide and said that academia will have very serious problems to deal with.

Slate's Alex Kantrowitz praised ChatGPT's refusal to answer questions relating to Nazi Germany, including the claim that Adolf Hitler built highways in Germany, which was juxtaposed with information about Nazi Germany's use of forced labor .

In a December 2022 article, economist Paul Krugman wrote that ChatGPT would influence the demand for knowledge workers. James Vincent of The Verge judged the viral success of ChatGPT as proof that artificial intelligence had gone mainstream.

In The Atlantic, Stephen Marche highlighted that its effect on academia and in particular on application essays has yet to be understood. California high school teacher and author Daniel Herman wrote that ChatGPT will lead to the demise of high school English.

The accuracy of ChatGPT has been questioned. Mike Pearl of Mashable put it to the test, asking it a series of questions: in one example, he asked the model the largest country in Central America other than Mexico, receiving the answer Guatemala, when the correct answer is instead Nicaragua.

In December 2022, the website Stack Overflow banned the use of ChatGPT to generate responses to questions, citing the ambiguous nature of the bot's responses. Economist Tyler Cowen has expressed concern about its effect on democracy, citing the ability to write automated commentary in an attempt to influence decision-making on new regulations.

Ax Sharma from Bleeping Computer noticed that ChatGPT is capable of writing malware and phishing emails. But also the world of Science is buzzing about ChatGPT. The chatbot is in fact capable of generating convincing academic texts, and according to what was reported in Nature, it has been included as an author in at least four published or preprinted scientific articles.

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