(WATCH) Minnesota vs Orlando Game Features One of the Biggest Brawls in Recent Years

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(WATCH) Minnesota vs Orlando Game Features One of the Biggest Brawls in Recent Years

One of the biggest fights in recent years in the NBA happened last night at the match between Minnesota and Orlando, resulting in the ejection of as many as five players.

It all started when Orlando center Mo Bamba got off the bench and hit Minnesota running back Austin Rivers, who was on the play, and then a general brawl ensued.

Rivers fought back at Bamba, but Orlando player Jalen Suggs soon ran up, grabbed Rivers by the neck and knocked him to the floor, causing chaos. After the security guards intervened and separated the players, the referees had their hands full.

In the end, as many as five players were excluded - Bamba, Rivers, Suggs, Minnesota's Jaden McDaniels, and Taurean Prince.

The NBA leagues will soon announce the punishments.

Bamba will certainly suffer the worst because he participated in the conflict as a player from the bench.

“You obviously want to have your teammate's back and at the same time, you’ve got to be a professional,” said Wagner, who was ejected after a fight with the Detroit Pistons in December via ESPN. “So, that’s a challenge for a young team like us.

I think this time around we did a good job compared to last time. So, yeah, I don’t really know. It’s a weird dynamic. You don’t really want to be in those situations and it’s not really the best look. You want to be professional.

At the same time, there is something in me that appreciates the team sticking together like that”. “You've got to keep playing,” Magic coach Jamahl Mosley said. “You have to win the game between the lines.

It’s not about all the talking. It’s not about any of that. You've got to make sure you play the right way, do the right thing, continue to share the basketball and continue to defend”. “I don’t think our approach was wrong,” Minnesota coach Chris Finch said.

“I think our execution was soft. And we wanted it to be a little easier than it was. Knew it would be a physical game. We had a hard time containing the ball. So yeah, felt like they were ready to play. They understood. When a little adversity hit, we really couldn’t stop it”. Orlando eventually won with a score of 127:120.