WATCH: Kevin Durant Misses Debut Game for the Phoenix Suns Due to Injury

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WATCH: Kevin Durant Misses Debut Game for the Phoenix Suns Due to Injury

The basketball world was buzzing with excitement as the Phoenix Suns were set to debut two-time NBA champion, Kevin Durant, against the Oklahoma City Thunder. However, the much-anticipated match was marred by a pre-game injury to Durant.

Injury During Warm-Up

During warm-up exercises, the 6-foot-10 forward slipped and sustained an injury to his wrist. Despite initially continuing with preparations for the game, the Suns ultimately decided to keep Durant out of the lineup.

Suns coach Monty Williams expressed his disappointment, saying via ESPN, "I feel bad for him because he feels bad. I saw his face and -- I've been around him so many times -- I know what he's feeling, and I don't want him feeling that way at all."

Phoenix Suns Star Devin Booker Steps Up

With Durant out of the lineup, Devin Booker took it upon himself to give the fans a show.

"The city's been waiting on this, it was a big day," Booker said. "We'll reschedule the party. The people that missed out on it tonight, I tried to give them a little something to make it better." Despite Durant's absence, the Suns still managed to put up a good fight against the Oklahoma City Thunder, ultimately losing 132:101.

Kevin Durant's Recent Performance

Durant has been in impressive form in the three previous games for the Suns, averaging 26.7 points and 7.3 rebounds per game. Coach Monty Williams confirmed that the injury was just an ankle sprain and that more testing would be done the following day.

"Right now, it's just an ankle sprain and we don't have anything official to report," he said. Chris Paul, who scored 18 points with nine assists, had high praise for Durant, saying, "In this league, you been around for a while, you realize some people like to play.

Some people love to play. Kev is one of the people that just love to hoop."

Ivica Zubac Shines in Clippers' Victory Over Raptors

In another exciting match, the Los Angeles Clippers faced off against the Toronto Raptors and emerged victorious with a score of 108:100.

This win was largely due to the fantastic performance of Croatian center Ivica Zubac, who put up 17 points, eight rebounds, two blocks, and an assist in his 27 minutes on the court.

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