Stephen Curry hits a game-winner but blasts his shooting after the game

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Stephen Curry hits a game-winner but blasts his shooting after the game

Golden State Warriors star guard Stephen Curry hit a game-winner against the Houston Rockets but still wasn't happy with his performance. With just over five seconds left to play, Curry was given the ball as drained a game-winner from inside the 3-point line to give the Warriors a 105-103 win over the Rockets.

Curry shot just 6-of-21 from the field and finished the game with 22 points. "I know I got to shoot the ball better," Curry said, per ESPN. "I want to shoot it better, and I'm gonna shoot it better. ... I obsess over the shooting numbers because that's what I do and that's what I work on.

When you don't reach those levels, it's frustrating." Curry said he was feeling physically fine and there was no reason for him missing shots. "I'm just missing shots," Curry said. "There's no reason, other than you just miss shots."

Curry holds himself to a high standard

"It's the standard I hold myself to," Curry said.

"I know I can do it and sustain it. That's the challenge, I guess, is to be aware of it, continue to be aggressive. Understand there is a lot of season left and it's about peaking at the right time. But I do obsess over that stuff because it's your craft." On the other side, Warriors head coach Steve Kerr said it was impressive how Curry was able to hit a game-winner on the night he was struggling to get anything going.

"That's the deepest level of confidence that a player can have," Kerr said. "Turning 0-for-10 or whatever into a night where he hits the game-winning shot ... he lives by the motto 'the next one is going in.' He genuinely believes it." Said Curry: "There's a reason I joked about it before, but the reason I can go 0-for-11 for one game and come back the next game and have a breakout kind of performance is because the work will show eventually. "I obsess over it, but I don't panic. If I did, I wouldn't be shooting as much as I am."