Who is James Harden's attractive girlfriend ?!


Who is James Harden's attractive girlfriend ?!

James Edward Harden Jr. is an American professional basketball player who is currently (June 2019) playing as a playmaker at the NBA (NBA) club Houston Rockets and the United States national team (USA). He was born on August 26, 1989, in Los Angeles, in the US state of California.

He became the first player in the history of the League to score 37 points and record 12 assists on his debut with the new team. He set a new personal career record in a match against the Atlanta Hawks when he scored 45 points and brought his team a new victory.

Shortly afterward, he was named Western Division Player of the Week. What few people know, and what many people are interested in, is the love life of James Harden. We saw him with a lot of girls, but it was all a secret, and reporters were trying to find out who those girls were.

James Harden's love life is often the subject of tabloids. If they are to be believed, his longest relationship lasted four years. In the period from 2011 to 2012, he had fun with a certain Trina, and after a period of single life, he began a relationship with Kyra Chaos, which was not long-lasting.

Jessyka Jansel and James Harden Love storry

This time he seems serious and has decided to dedicate himself to his new girlfriend By all accounts, James Harden is in a relationship with Jessyka Jansel. Jessyka Jansel is a famous model that we have noticed many times on the pages of various magazines, in the videos of many artists.

She is currently followed by 591K people on Instagram, and that number will surely grow even more in the coming period. According to her Instagram photos, it can be concluded that Jessyk Jansel spends a lot of time in the gym and that she is very dedicated to her appearance.

We have to admit that James Harden is a happy man, the only question is whether this relationship will survive and whether this couple will be able to overcome various adversities.

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