Alex Caruso rips Grayson Allen over a dirty play: It's kind of bull----

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Alex Caruso rips Grayson Allen over a dirty play: It's kind of bull----

Chicago Bulls guard Alex Caruso wasn't happy with Milwaukee Bucks' Grayson Allen following the Bulls and Bucks game. Allen was ejected in the third quarter of Friday's game after being called for a flagrant foul 2 call. Caruso went up for a layup midway through the third quarter but Allen hooked Caruso's right arm, turning Caruso in the air and sending him hard to the floor on his right wrist.

"Dude just grabbed me out of the air," Caruso said after Friday's game, per ESPN. "It's kind of bulls---. I don't know what else you can do about it. I'm just glad that I didn't have any major scary injuries right away."

Bulls coach blasted Allen's foul on Caruso

"For Alex to be in the air and for [Allen] to take him down like that, he could've ended his career," Bulls head coach Billy Donovan said.

"He has a history of this. That to me was really -- it was really dangerous. I hope the league takes a hard look at something like that because that could have really, really seriously hurt him." On the other side, Bucks forward Khris Middleton defended Allen, claiming he wasn't a dirty player.

"I don't think Grayson's a dirty player," Bucks forward Middleton said. "He's been great with us all season long. Competing. Defending. Never really crossing the line. So I think we're all disappointed to see him ejected for that foul." Bucks head coach Mike Budenholzer also weighed in on Allen's hard foul on Caruso.

"I think it's a close call," Budenholzer said. "They went with flagrant 2 and I'm not gonna disagree. It's right on the border and that's the direction they went. Just hope for Caruso to be healthy and fine coming out of it. Unfortunate for Grayson, unfortunate for us to have to finish without him. It's a tough call, but that's the way they went."