Chicago Bulls' DeMar DeRozan: I never doubt Nikola Vucevic

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Chicago Bulls' DeMar DeRozan: I never doubt Nikola Vucevic
Chicago Bulls' DeMar DeRozan: I never doubt Nikola Vucevic

Chicago Bulls star guard DeMar DeRozan made it clear he doesn't want to see Nikola Vucevic hesitate when he has a chance to shoot the ball. On Wednesday night, DeRozan assisted Vucevic on a three-pointer that sealed the Bulls' 111-105 win over the Toronto Raptorrs.

"I don't care how many shots he missed," DeRozan said of Vucevic, per AP. "I don't care if he's struggled the game before, the quarter before. Every time I see him load it up, I've got the utmost confidence that it's going to go in."

DeRozan led the Bulls to a win

DeRozan scored 29 points to lead the Bulls to a victory over the Raptors.

Bulls guard Zach LaVine added 23 while Vucevic scored 15 points and grabbed 15 rebounds. "Hopefully the last two games can give us an opportunity to get better," Bulls coach Billy Donovan said. "God willing, our team stays the way it is with no more guys being out with COVID or injuries.

There's a lot of things that we can learn from this and get better from. This is the opportunity for our team to really grow." The Bulls started the game on a 14-2 run and didn't miss a field goal attempt in the first six minutes.

"We certainly struggled early," Toronto coach Nick Nurse said. "We made some adjustments, and the guys really executed them. You can't fault our guys for the hustle and effort." Raptors coach Nurse will be making his acting debut next week in the CBC period crime drama "Murdoch Mysteries." "It was a while back," Nurse said of when his appearance was filmed.

"These people call me up and I say ‘sure, let's go check it out' and just try to be coachable. It's humbling, it's fun and it's an honor to be able to do some of that stuff." Nurse added: "Hopefully you can catch it. You'll have to let me know what your critique is of it."

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