Joel Embiid explains why he paid Carlos Alvarado's fine after altercation

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Joel Embiid explains why he paid Carlos Alvarado's fine after altercation

Philadelphia 76ers star center Joel Embiid got into it with New Orleans Pelicans Jose Alvarado during Tuesday's meeting between the 76ers and Pelicans. After Embiid's foul sent Garrett Temple to the floor, 6 feet tall Alvarado stepped up and went chest-to-chest with 7 feet tall Embiid.

Embiid and Alvarado exchanged words, for which they drew a double technical foul. Alvarado, who plays on a two-way contract and is set to earn $462,629 this season, was fined $2,000 for the technical foul. However, he won't be paying the fine as Embiid will cover the fine.

Embiid is set to earn just $31 million this season. "I just like his energy. He plays hard. He competes. Even when he picked up the tech, he wasn't backing down," Embiid said, explaining his decision to cover the fine of Alvarado.

"He was just regular trash talk. Just two guys going at each other on the basketball court. He didn't back down. I respected that. I like that about him."

Embiid respects Alvarado's competitive spirit

"After the game, I just went up to him and told him to keep fighting and keep it going and obviously, that other part.

... I just felt like the least I can do because I made him pick up a tech and he doesn't make as much as other guys in the league. I just felt like that was on me and I didn't want him to lose that money because I'm sure we all need it," Embiid continued.

"We talked during the game. It was all love and respect," Alvarado said. "It was all heat of the moment. Nothing personal. It was just two ballplayers going at it. We're playing basketball. We were trying to go at each other. He knew after the tech and the foul, he told me at the free throw line to keep going and way to work and stuff like that. It was nothing personal from the jump."