Shaquille O'Neal rips 'soft crybaby' Ben Simmons


Shaquille O'Neal rips 'soft crybaby' Ben Simmons

Shaquille O'Neal went off at Philadelphia 76ers guard Ben Simmons during the latest episode of Inside the NBA as he called the guard a "crybaby." Simmons has been holding out the entire season as he has made it clear to the 76ers that he wants to get traded.

"The difference between [Embiid] and his soft partner is he can take criticism without being a crybaby and he still wants to play," O’Neal said during his appearance on Inside The NBA. "The other guy I don’t respect," Shaq said in reference to Simmons.

"And I’ve been thinking about it. You’re missing the whole season because they asked your coach a question – can we win without you? "And your coach gave a funny answer. That should tell you, in the summertime, you need to work on your game."

O'Neal says Simmons is not a tough guy

“You don’t think I haven’t been criticized by you guys and Stephen A.

[Smith] and haven’t been criticized by LA media and New York media?" O'Neal added. "Great players get criticized but the great players also step up to the criticism and perform." O'Neal -- who clearly has no respect for Simmons -- said he would get rid of the guard.

The 76ers continue to explore market for Simmons but they are willing to wait until they feel they are receiving a good offer in return. “It really is important that the player we add to Joel, if we really want to take our odds from wherever they’re at right now to something materially higher, it has to come back in an impact player,” 76ers President of Basketball Operations Daryl Morey said.

“If you trade one of these great players for multiple, it does not move your championship odds enough to make a difference. It might take us from where we’re at now to a little bit better, but it’s very slightly better.

And for Joel, we have to make sure we get this right and that we move ourselves into a higher tier of ability to win a championship”.

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