Brooklyn Nets' James Harden 'ready to go'

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Brooklyn Nets' James Harden 'ready to go'

Brooklyn Nets head coach Steve Nash has confirmed that James Harden is "ready to go." Harden missed Wednesday's game against the Denver Nuggets due to a left hamstring tightness. Meanwhile, Nash said Kyrie Irving still needs time to find his game and rhythm after missing the first few months of the season.

Irving is refusing to get vaccinated and that's why he is not available to the Nets for their home games. "He's still trying to find his game," Nash said. "His level's so good that it's hard to tell, but we can tell, he can tell.

He knows that he's not fully back yet. He's right there, and he has patches, but he needs the time. ... He needs reps. And games are reps for him right now. So it's great for him individually. And as a group, it's great to get more comfortable with him, to spend more time with him.

To get him reincorporated with the things we're doing and try to move this thing forward."

Harden and Co. set to take on the Golden State Warriors

Klay Thompson, who missed the last two seasons, returned to the Warriors' lineup earlier this year.

"Knowing Klay, it's a little deeper one for me in that I know how much he loves the game," said Nash, who spent five seasons with Golden State as a player development consultant after his own Hall of Fame career ended. "And to have him have back-to-back season-ending injuries more or less was devastating for him personally, so to see him back playing where he needs to be, where he should be, where he wants to be, is a beautiful thing." Nash spoke extremely highly of the Warriors ahead of the Saturday matchup.

"They have that championship experience and pedigree," Nash said. "You also have a bunch of guys that are hungry. They're used to doing that. So Klay, how hungry do you think he is right now? Steph [Curry], after their last couple years, how hungry do you think he is? I think Draymond [Green], as much as anybody's come back this year, [is] in incredible form. So they're hungry, they're motivated. They have that history, and knowing and corporate knowledge."