NETFLIX announces a series about Los Angeles beloved star Kobe Bryant

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NETFLIX announces a series about Los Angeles beloved star Kobe Bryant

Following the series The Last Dance, centered on former Chicago Bulls star Michael Jordan, NETFLIX will produce a series that will be released in August 2022 the career of Kobe Bryant, NBA star who died along with his daughter Gianna and others in a tragic accident in helicopter two years ago.

The series, in collaboration between NETFLIX and ESPN, will retrace Bryant's 20-year career with the Los Angeles Lakers in 10 episodes, during which the American star was a great protagonist. From his debut in 1996 to his three historical consecutive titles with the Lakers, the deep bond with his daughter Gigi, his rivals, his teammates and much more.

To wait with bated breath. Meanwhile, Allen Iverson, the former Sixers champion, was thrilled to see a poster featuring himself and Kobe Bryant in the picture, which a fan asked him to sign. He said to the fan: "Man, where did you get it? I need to have one too, do you have another for me?"

Kobe's career and latests

Kobe Bryant has played predominantly in the role of shooting guard and is considered among the best players in NBA history.

Son of Joe Bryant and grandson of Chubby Cox's mother, both former basketball players, Bryant grew up basketball in Italy, where he learned European fundamentals, and played his entire professional career in the Los Angeles Lakers, winning 5 titles ; he was also the first NBA player to serve on the same team for 20 seasons.

With the US national team he participated in the 2007 FIBA ​​Americas Championships and the Beijing 2008 and London 2012 Olympic Games, winning the gold medal in all three events. On March 4, 2018 he won the Academy Award together with director and animator Glen Keane, in the category of best animated short film for Dear Basketball, which he wrote inspired by his farewell letter to basketball.

He is one of the best known sportsmen in the world and his career is considered one of the best in the history of professional sport. On April 4, 2020, he was inducted as a member of the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame.

Christopher Goldman Ward, in an interview reported by Vanity Fair, talked about Kobe Bryant, who died with his daughter in a helicopter accident two years ago, bringing back parts of his book: My Kobe. The friend turned legend He said: "I was at home that January 26, 2020.

In the kitchen, having dinner with my family. It was a normal evening. I remember everything very clearly, smells, colors and moods, until that moment, at 20.25, when my phone began to go crazy with incoming messages. A friendship born as children, the one between Kobe and me, and which then lasted over the years and the distance.

The memory does not stop, it comes back strong, it is an emotion that becomes almost pleasant. From now on there will exist, for me and for many, a pre-Kobe life and a post-Kobe life. In the din and daze of those absurd days, I remember that the only balm for my soul was the recognition of the love the world felt for Kobe.

For my friend. Public and private utterances showed a great common reaction of deep sadness and disbelief. One of the secrets of the longevity of our friendship lies in the very fact that we did not see each other or hear from us regularly Who knew Kobe there or you know: he was a particular type, made his way.

It is said that he had no friends and in a sense it is true: I am convinced that Kobe Bryant, the Black Mamba, did not. Kobe from Reggio, on the other hand, had some. He had one, two, maybe three full cities."