Brooklyn Nets' James Harden: We've done too much talking

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Brooklyn Nets' James Harden: We've done too much talking

James Harden made it clear it's time for the Brooklyn Nets to step up and find a way to win some games. The Nets continued their bad form on Wednesday as they suffered a 112-101 loss to the Sacramento Kings. Harden didn't play well as he shot 2-for-11 from the field and scored just four points.

"I think we've done too much talking," Harden said, per ESPN. "It's just, we got to go out there and do it, and do it consistently. We have times when we're great, and we have times when we're really bad.

We just got to find some consistency throughout the course of games more times than not."

Harden frustrated by the lack of consistency

"You know just as good as I do," Harden said when asked why the consistency hasn't been there for the group.

"We just got a lot of different things internally -- lineups, we haven't had no continuity yet. So it's just one of those things where you got to keep going. There's nothing else to do but keep going, keep pushing forward."

Reports that surfaced in recent weeks suggest Harden is frustrated by Kyrie Irving's part-time status. "I respect James' opinion," Irving said when asked if he agreed with Harden's assessment. "When you're going through a losing streak, not really many people want to be hearing the same thing over and over again, so I definitely feel for him.

And I'm sure if you asked a few guys on the team they would probably feel something similar. But for us, it's just getting closer as a group. "The 'get better' jargon that we consistently use, whether it be here talking with you guys or in the locker room, it can get mundane.

It's just natural for a human being to get tired of that, so game-to-game we're feeling like we're coming out with some moral victories if we lose but we're just tired of that. So I'm definitely on the same boat in terms of that."