Los Angeles Cllippers' Kawhi Leonard 'unlikely' to return this season

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Los Angeles Cllippers' Kawhi Leonard 'unlikely' to return this season

Los Angeles Clippers head coach Ty Lue has hinted that Kawhi Leonard won't play this season. Last postseason, Leonard suffered a torn ACL in the Clippers' second round series against the Dallas Mavericks. "We know Kawhi's probably not gonna come back," Lue said, according to ESPN.

"We don't know the status of PG, but these guys continue to keep fighting. Every single night." The Clippers have one of the strongest backourt duos in Leonard and Paul George. Unfortunately for the Clippers, Leonard is expeted to miss the whole season while George hasn't played since December 22.

"I don't know," Lue said. "I'm not a doctor. But hope is stronger than fear. So I'm hoping that these two guys can come back. But you never know."

Leonard working hard to get back to his best

Clippers big man Serga Ibaka says Leonard is back in the gym and working hard to put himself in the best possible position to have a successful comeback.

"I saw him a couple times. He [is] doing good, he [is] working so hard," Ibaka said. "Everyday he's in the gym. I know Kawhi. He loves this game and he's going to try to do [the] best he can to be back strong.

"He [is] working so hard. Actually, it is impressive to see the way he has been working. He's getting stronger. I know he wants to come back, but it's just a question of time." There is no guarantees George will return this season.

George is set to undergo an MRI on his right elbow on February 24 and that's when he will know his faith. "Right now, that's what they're saying," Lue said of George's planned MRI on Feb. 24. "But things can change any day, any time."

"I hope he's feeling good," Lue added. "I don't know, but things can change. Just something to look forward to. Hope is stronger than fear."