Golden State Warriors' Stephen Curry: Klay Thompson had that look in his eyes

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Golden State Warriors' Stephen Curry: Klay Thompson had that look in his eyes

Klay Thompson had a great shooting night as the Golden State Warriors beat the Sacramento Kings 126-114. Thompson scored 23 points on an 8-of-11 shooting. Thompson was absolutely great beyond the three-point line as he shot 7-of-19 from beyond the arc.

"That felt so dang good," Thompson said after the game, according to ESPN. "With everything I've been through, I just really appreciate nights like this. The shooting part is so much fun, and when you see hard work paying off, it hits different now than it did a few years ago.

Being happy can be so fragile doing what we do, and it can be taken away from you in an instant. "I hit my first couple and I thought I played with great pace tonight. And even coming into the second half, I'm proud of myself for not trying to force it.

I had 20 thinking I could have a 40-point night or something, but I thought I played a great full game."

Stephen Curry happy for Thompson

Curry also had a solid performance as he scored 20 points and dished out seven assists.

"He had that look in his eyes. You love to see it," Curry said. "It's a big boost for the whole team." Opposing defenses are starting to give more attention to Thompson and that's opening space to Curry and Co.

"Taking what the defense gives him," Curry said. "He's shown he can be an amazing playmaker and use that against the defense if they want to be super aggressive to close out to him. "He's got to continue to find that balance because we know he can shoot, we know he can score, and until he's playing his full 30-plus-minute rotation, that balance is very important for him to continue to get rhythm in our offense." The Warriors sit on the second place of the Western Conference Standings with a 40-13 record.