Brooklyn Nets' Kyrie Irving: Donovan Mitchell is one of those very special players

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Brooklyn Nets' Kyrie Irving: Donovan Mitchell is one of those very special players

Brooklyn Nets star guard Kyrie Irving praised Utah Jazz's Donovan Mitchell following Friday's matchup between the Nets and Jazz. Mitchell, who missed eight games due to concussion, returned to the lineup on Friday and scored 27 points after shooting 8-of-10 from the field.

The Jazz routinely beat the Nets 125-102. “We have a lot of special guys in our league, but there are a few special guys that even separate from that group of just being special and he’s (Mitchell) one of those people,” Irving said, per AP.

The Jazz are a different team with Mitchell in the lineup. “There’s so much focus other teams have on him that it frees up other guys offensively -- he’s Donovan Mitchell and makes life a lot easier for everybody," Jazz acting head coach Alex Jensen said.

Mitchell drained six three pointers and his shooting performance left some of his teammates in awe. “He was unbelievable," Udoka Azubuike said. "It looked like a video game. There was one time I had to catch myself in the moment because I was just watching him.

Every shot was going in. Don is a star”.

Mitchell just happy to be back

“I was just happy to be playing basketball," Mitchell said. "I was joking before the game that I didn’t care if the ball went in.

I was just happy to be out there running around, guarding, thinking the game and playing with my teammates”. Mitchell was playing his first game in two weeks and he balled out. “I’d rather be out there playing, but I just told someone my legs haven’t felt that fresh in a long time,” Michell said.

Nets rookie Cam Thomas scored a career-high 30 points but it wasn't enough. “They made a lot of 3s. They couldn’t miss at first," Thomas said. "It’s very demoralizing when you've got to take the ball out of the hoop every time."