Brooklyn Nets' Kyrie Irving reacts to the James Harden trade rumors

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Brooklyn Nets' Kyrie Irving reacts to the James Harden trade rumors

Brooklyn Nets star guard Kyrie Irving didn't want to speak too much in James Harden's name but did reveal that he and Harden have had several promising conversations since the summer. Harden was reported to be unhappy in Brooklyn and that he would like to change teams.

There is a list of teams interested in Harden, most notable the Philadelphia 76ers. On Sunday, Nets head coach Steve Nash made it clear Harden won't be traded before the trade deadline. Nash said Harden is happy in Brooklyn and Irving appeared to suggest the same.

"I think James can speak better to that than I can," Irving said. "We've had conversations but I'm just getting back into the swing of things, how all those media plants start going around with rumors and stuff like that, I really do not concern myself with that.

So the few conversations that we've had, he's been really committed, and we just hold him to his word, but obviously when we're going out to play games we can't even really think about it, so we would love to have him in the lineup, at his optimum healthy version of himself, and then we'll let the rest take care of it, but who knows? Who knows what's going to happen?"

Irving keeping a positive attitude

The Nets suffered their eighth consecutive loss after losing to the Denver Nuggest on Sunday.

Irving scored 27 points and dished out 11 assists but it wasn't enough as the Nuggest claimed a 124-104 win over the Nets. The Nets were playing without Kevin Durant, Harden and Joe Harris. "I'm keeping a positive mindset that anything can happen in these next few days or the next week," Irving said.

"Just crossing my fingers that something can come up either before the All-Star break or even just after. So I'm definitely keeping a positive attitude in that sense."