Brooklyn Nets HC Steve Nash gives an update on Kevin Durant's condition

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Brooklyn Nets HC Steve Nash gives an update on Kevin Durant's condition

Brooklyn Nets head coach Steve Nash confirmed that Kevin Durant is doing good in his recovery from a sprained MCL in his left knee. In mid-January, it was reported that Durant would be out four to six weeks due to a sprained MCL.

The Nets have been struggling without Durant as they are currently on an eight-game losing streak. "Kevin's good," Nash said, according to ESPN. "I think he's working away back home with our physios and strength coaches, that we kept a little team behind for him and LaMarcus [Aldridge], and so Kevin's excited to be back on the court shooting a little bit, he's got a ways to go, but his progress has been great and I think he's gotten a lift by being back out there and touching the wood as he always says and shooting the ball."

The Nets played without Durant, James Harden

On Sunday, Harden missed his second consecutive game and the Denver Nuggets beat the Nets 124-104. Guard Joe Harris is also missing significant time. "You're talking about some pretty great players that are out of the lineup," Nash said.

"This roster's built on talent. Rosters are built on talent. And so getting some talent back will definitely help add reinforcements. Everyone can go back to their more natural roles. It's an incremental leap, I think, in our ability to execute."

Also, Nash said Harden is happy in Brooklyn and they won't be trading him at the trade deadline. "I've talked to James; he wants to be here," Nash said. "He wants to be here long term as well, so I don't think anything's changed other than noise from the outside.

James wants to be here, we're building with James and we think we have the best chance to win with James. I don't think anything's changed on the inside, in our locker room, in our communication, it's just all the noise from the [outside]."