The Brooklyn Nets rebuffed the Philadelphia 76ers' interest in James Harden

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The Brooklyn Nets rebuffed the Philadelphia 76ers' interest in James Harden

ESPN is reporting that the Philadelphia 76ers inquired about James Harden on January 11 but the Nets rebuffed the 76ers' interest. 76ers President of Basketball Operations Daryl Morey worked with Harden for years in Houston and it's a well-known thing that he would like to bring the guard to Philadelphia.

In recent weeks, it's been reported several times that Harden is unhappy in Brooklyn and that he would like a change of scenery. Those reports likely prompted the 76ers to call the Nets and see if they were willing to part ways with Harden.

Per ESPN, this is how the conversation between Morey and Nets general manager Sean Marks went. "Who do you like on our roster? Here's who I like on yours." Eventually, Morey spoke up on the true intention of his call.

"What about James?" "James who?" Marks responded. The Nets do have two Jameses -- Johnson and Harden. "James Harden." "No," Marks said flatly.

Harden will not be traded at the deadline

On Sunday, Nets head coach Steve Nash said Harden is happy in Brooklyn and he won't be traded in the next few days.

"I've talked to James; he wants to be here," Nash said. "He wants to be here long term as well, so I don't think anything's changed other than noise from the outside. James wants to be here, we're building with James and we think we have the best chance to win with James.

I don't think anything's changed on the inside, in our locker room, in our communication, it's just all the noise from the [outside]." Also, Nash said those reports and rumors have been going on for months.

"This has been a constant thing since the summer," Nash said. "He's continually reiterated that he wants to be here. And we've continually said that we want him here and that that's our best chance to win so nothing's changed from the communication that we've had."