Miami Heat's Jimmy Butler: Crypto is becoming big thing among NBA players

Butler is one of the players who are exploring and investing in crypto.

by Dzevad Mesic
Miami Heat's Jimmy Butler: Crypto is becoming big thing among NBA players

Miami Heat star Jimmy Butler reveals more and more NBA players are getting into the cryptocurrency world. Butler himself is interested in crypto and he reveals players are often talking about and trying to share their knowledge and help each other.

"I think everybody is starting to learn about crypto, or wine. Whatever the topic is, there’s always somebody that knows more than everybody else. So everybody’s just bouncing thoughts and ideas off of each other.

I think that’s what the majority of conversations are—just getting intel about whatever is going on, because there’s always somebody that’s really locked in on something that can teach anybody anything.

So as much as crypto is becoming a big thing, I think that the conversations about and around crypto is so everybody can learn what everybody else knows around the league," Butler told Complex Sports.

Butler would like to have a beer with Ronaldinho

Butler was asked if he could choose a player to have a beer with, who would it be.

"I would say Ronaldinho. For one, I think soccer is just so incredibly difficult. If I’m being really honest, my favorite athlete was Alex Morgan, just because I love soccer, from the Super Bowl spot. All sports are difficult, but I can barely walk and chew bubblegum, so to be able to run full speed while kicking a ball is incredibly difficult and I wish I could do it.

He’s from Brazil, man. He’s just so much fun to watch whenever I watch his highlights. A Michelob Ultra with him—I bet he’s got hella stories," Butler revealed. Also, Butler was asked to pick the best actor in front of camera between Peyton Manning, Serena Williams, Brooks Koepka and Serena Williams.

"Probably Peyton Manning. I mean, he’s always on TV. All of them are so great at what they do, but I feel like I watch a lot of American football—I watch a lot of soccer/futbol as well—but I think Peyton Manning just does so well in front of the camera. You can listen to him talk about football all day long. His acting skills are great," Butler explained.

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