Laura Langman; The first steps of a great netball player


Laura Langman; The first steps of a great netball player

Laura Langman is perhaps the most famous name in the world of netball. She was born in New Zealand and was just the captain of that team, and she achieved many successes with them. However, she is already in her late age. Her colleagues and her coach revealed how it all started It all started at the age of 15 when she was noticed by her coach and obviously the talent existed “We had a game and she went up against Jenny-May [Clarkson].

Usually kids who play against Silver Ferns get overawed by them, but she just got stuck in and never backed off, ”Taurua says, as quoted by stuff "She showed great promise, which was what really caught my eye." Clarkson remembered how it all began, the day Langman showed everything she could “Here was this kid who was wet behind the ears and I’d been around for a while." "We stood on the edge of the circle and talked about the trajectory of the ball as she was putting it in to the shooter, and I told her ‘That kind of ball needs a little more spin and a little more height on it’.

And then she executed it in that same game. I remember thinking ‘Wow, this kid is something special”.

Laura Langman and her humor

Irene van Dyk was also impressed with her teammate “I had to do a drill with her and I was like‘ Where are you? ’She was so fast and so strong.

I said to myself, ‘Irene you are out of your depth here, this kid is going places.’ ” However, what adorns her is both humor and positivity “As she’s got older, some of the strange words she pulls out have been really funny,” Taurua says.

“Words like wakachangchang. She definitely adds lightness and humor to a team. ” "And Laura said in her cow-cocky voice, 'It was a bit of a bumpy ride - I had to squeeze my bum cheeks together.' " “Although she’s a perfectionist she doesn’t take life too seriously,” van Dyk says.

"She knows there's always a time and place for laughter." Laura Langman has really achieved a lot in her career and we have to congratulate her on that