Patrick Mahomes reveals thing that surprised him about Tyreek Hill trade


Patrick Mahomes reveals thing that surprised him about Tyreek Hill trade

Patrick Mahomes revealed the most surprising thing to him about the Tyreek Hill trade was that it even got to the point where the Kansas City Chiefs were willing to trade the star wide receiver. Hill, who has establishied himself as one of the premiere wide receivers in the game, couldn't agree on a new extension with the Chiefs.

When it became evident the two sides were far away from reaching a deal, the Chiefs sent Hill to the Miami Dolphins. "It more surprised me whenever it got to the point where we were really considering trading him," Mahomes said during an interview with Sports Illustrated on Wednesday.

Mahomes knew what was happening

"They kept me updated the entire time; I knew the extension talks were going on," Mahomes said. "And then I knew when he got the permission to seek to get traded. But I mean, still, I played my entire career with Tyreek, so definitely, there was a little bit of shock when he got traded." Hill wanted far more money than the Chiefs were able to offer.

"I know that we made a tremendous effort to try to keep him in Kansas City," Mahomes said. "Tyreek, he's such a tremendous player, he got what he deserved. I'm happy for him. And he's at a place where he has a home and he's closer to family and stuff.

So I'm very happy for him. We had to move forward." However, it's not that the Chiefs gave away Hill for nothing as the Dolphins sent five draft picks to Kansas. "We had to move on and try to get as much as we could for him and try to build that receiving room again," Mahomes said.

"And do it to where we have the ability to go out there and compete every single week, which I trust [Chiefs general manager] Brett Veach and Coach [Andy] Reid will do."

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