Buccaneers GM comments on Tom Brady and Miami Dolphins rumors


Buccaneers GM comments on Tom Brady and Miami Dolphins rumors

Tampa Bay Buccaneers general manager Jason Licht said the team and Tom Brady never had discussions about him coming out of retirement and joining the Miami Dolphins. One of the craziest rumors that has been spreading this offseason claims Brady was prepared to be named a minority owner of the Dolphins and play for them before coming out of retirement.

Had Brady decided to come out of retirement and play for another team, he would have needed the Buccaneers to faciliate a trade with another team. When Bruce Arians was asked about the possibility of Brady coming out of retirement and joining another team, the former Buccaneers coach said the quarterback wouldn't get his wish fulfilled.

On March 14, Brady announced he was coming out his brief retirement and rejoining the Buccaneers. "No, we haven't had those discussions," Licht said, per ESPN. "The only discussions I've had, we've had, with Tom has been, he came back and we're excited about this year and we're excited to get going."

Licht on Brady joining the Dolphins

"I make of it -- chatter, just like you said," Licht said.

"We're focused on putting our team together here with the draft, and we're all excited, we're all in lockstep here -- Tom, Todd [Bowles], myself, Byron [Leftwich], the entire coaching staff -- on this season." Brady, who will turn 45 before the next season begins, admitted he doesn't have much time left and that's why he is determined to make the most of what is left.

"I know I don't have a lot left, I really do. I know I'm at the end of my career," Brady said. "I wish you could go forever, but it's just not and football comes at too high of a cost now. My kids are getting older and it's just getting harder and harder to miss these things.

But, I wanted to give myself and my teammates and our organization another incredible opportunity to accomplish something that we'd all be very proud of."

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