Las Vegas Raiders' Darren Waller ends trade rumors surrounding him

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Las Vegas Raiders' Darren Waller ends trade rumors surrounding him
Las Vegas Raiders' Darren Waller ends trade rumors surrounding him

Las Vegas Raiders tight end Darren Waller had a conversation with his team and he was assured the rumored trade to the Green Bay Packers won't happen. This week, it was reported that the Raiders and Packers were discussing a Waller trade.

"Yeah, I've had talks with the team and they said that's not a thing that's happening and there's no trade that's going to happen," Waller told CBS Sports Radio's Zach Gelb. "Like I said, we're just focusing on football. "I'm focused on learning the offensive system here in Vegas, building relationships with the coaches and just enjoying working with my teammates while I have the opportunity.

It's a business, whatever happens, happens. I'm enjoying my time here in Vegas. I'm loving the new staff and the new challenges that are in place. I'm focused on what I can control."

Waller loves Las Vegas

Waller has been a Raider since 2018 and his career and life have completely changed over the last four years.

Waller, who battled addiction in the past, is now one of the best tight ends in the NFL and he is also living a happy life outside the football field. "I love being in Las Vegas," Waller said. "I love playing for the Raiders." This offseason, the Raiders signed All-Pro wide receiver Davante Adams.

Having Adams lined up alongside him will help Waller as opposing defenses were giving him a lot of attention over the last two years. Even with Adams on the roster, the Raiders aren't viewed as a top favorite for the Super Bowl.

Raiders quarterback Derek Carr is excited about the new season and he is determined to lead his team to playoff success. "The odds are against us. I like that kind of thought process better, so I'm going to keep that underdog mentality -- and that chip on the shoulder mindset," Carr said on returning to the playoffs.

"At the same time, I know what I'm capable of, I know what our team's capable of, and I'm excited to see. "I know we have to earn that spot, I think we were a fifth seed something like that, and now we have to earn more than that. That's the goal. With this division that will be tough, but we're excited for that challenge."

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