Las Vegas Raiders owner addresses Darren Waller trade rumors

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Las Vegas Raiders owner addresses Darren Waller trade rumors

Las Vegas Raiders owner Mark Davis seemingly put an end to the Darren Waller trade rumors as he has indicated that the star tight end will remain with the Raiders. This week, it was reported the Raiders engaged in trade talks with the Green Bay Packers regarding a potential Waller trade.

Waller has been a key part of the Raiders offense over the last few years and trading him just doesn't make sense, especially now that the Raiders have put up a strong roster. “You’ve got to talk to [head coach] Josh [McDaniels] and [G.M.] Dave [Ziegler], but no — there’s nothing going on with Darren Waller, except he’s a Raider,” Davis said, via Mick Akers of the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Derek Carr also indicated Waller will remain with the Raiders

“Lol no chance,” Carr said on Twitter regarding the possibility of the Raiders sending Waller to Green Bay. Carr now has two strong targets in the likes of Waller and Davante Adams.

Adams is considered by many if not the best - then one of the best wide receivers in the game. On the other side, Waller has turned into one of the tight ends in the NFL. Still, the Raiders aren't viewed as a top contender for the Super Bowl.

"The odds are against us. I like that kind of thought process better, so I'm going to keep that underdog mentality -- and that chip on the shoulder mindset," Carr said. "At the same time, I know what I'm capable of, I know what our team's capable of, and I'm excited to see.

"I know we have to earn that spot, I think we were a fifth seed something like that, and now we have to earn more than that. That's the goal. With this division that will be tough, but we're excited for that challenge."