Kurt Warner warns Tom Brady after Fox Sports broadcasting role announcement

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Kurt Warner warns Tom Brady after Fox Sports broadcasting role announcement

Hall of Fame quarterback Kurt Warner suggested Tom Brady might struggle as an analyst as Warner acknowledged that you "can't be a nice guy" and thrive in this business. This week, Fox announced Brady will join them as lead football analyst once his career is over.

Brady has had a good reputation throughout his career and is generally not someone who holds grudges with others. “That’s one of the challenges as you get into television,” Warner told Sam Farmer of The Los Angeles Times “What am I going to be as an analyst? One of the hardest things is, when you’re a guy like Tom Brady that everybody likes and you want to be liked by people, and you have to figure out how to truly analyze and be critical of what’s going on but not be critical of people.

“Everybody’s afraid of, I don’t want to offend anybody, but I also want to do my job and I want to do it really well. It’s something that I’ve struggled with, because I don’t feel as if I ever attack anybody and say, ‘This person’s terrible.’ But there are times when you go, ‘This isn’t very good.

They should do this or that.' ”

Warner warns Brady: Some people take it personally

No matter how you feel about a certain player or team, you have to be realistic when working as an analyst. Warner suggests there were times when he was critical for a reason of someone but it didn't end well because the other side took it personal.

“I’ve seen people take it personally,” Warner said. “You can’t just be a nice guy and really be good in this business. Now, calling games can be different than being an analyst in a studio. But at the same time, you’ve got to be able to be critical. For me, I never attack a person, but I always attack a problem”.