Jerry Jeudy's lawyer addresses media after Broncos wideout release from custody

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Jerry Jeudy's lawyer addresses media after Broncos wideout release from custody

Jerry Jeudy's lawyer said "bad things happen to good people" and claimed his client should have never been arrested, let alone spend a night in custody. On Thursday night, Jeudy was arrested over charges of second-degree tampering with a domestic violence enhancer.

"Professional football player Jerry Jeudy has been arrested by Arapahoe Co sheriff deputies. He's being held at the Arapahoe Co jail on charges of 2nd degree criminal tampering w/a domestic violence enhancer, a misdemeanor.

He's on a no bond hold. He's innocent until proven guilty," the Arapohoe Sheriff account tweeted on Thursday night. Jeudy spent the night in custody and on Friday morning appeared in court. After a hearing, it was determined that Jeudy can be released.

Once Jeudy was free to go, his lawyers addressed the reporters who were seeking more information over what happened.

Lawyer: There was no reason to take Jeudy to custody

“Bad things happen to good people,” Harvey Steinberg said, via Mike Klis of, “and that’s what this case is.

I don’t think he should have been arrested. I don’t think he should have been incarcerated. And I think people are going to look at this and come to the same conclusion that I did and say, ‘Boy, this is a bump in the road.

This is a really, really good guy, and we’re sorry this had to happen to him”. Jeudy has a one-month old daughter and the mother of his daughter said in court she didn't feel threatened by Jeudy. “There was no threat of violence, there was no attempted violence, and there was no violence, period,” Steinberg said.

The NFL has a strict rules when it comes domestic abuse and Steinberg was asked if the NFL could potentially suspend Jeudy. “I don’t speak for the team nor do I speak for the league,” Steinberg said. “They have smarter guys on board than me”.