(VIDEO) Tom Brady raising middle fingers: F *** you guys, f *** you TV

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(VIDEO) Tom Brady raising middle fingers: F *** you guys, f *** you TV

Tom Brady is a man who has achieved a lot in the NFL, and there is a lot of success behind him. For this reason, there is a lot of criticism at the expense of this great player. When he does not play as expected of him, he is immediately criticized by various media.

It seems that Brady can't stand it anymore, so he sent a message to all those TV stations and media that speak negatively about him: “I just look at the TV and I go like this,” raising his two middle fingers to the screen.

“F**k you guys, f**k you TV”. - he said, as quoted by firstsportz.

When you are a player of such a great team, and when you are so good, then every match you have a lot of responsibility and pressure.

Tom Brady has shown that he knows how to deal with it, but sometimes he also has a bad performance, which is normal. “You block out the noise because none of it matters. What we do is get back to what we did all year. It’s still not perfect, but football’s not a game of perfect, and we always expect to be at our best.

If we had a tough loss, you ignore what they think and you just move on, man, you fight for another day."

Tom Brady and his age

Tom Brady received an interesting question from Complex Sport reporters: Does he think he can play until he’s 50s? "I do think I could play till 50.

But I don’t think I will just because I know the commitment that it takes. I know the commitment that it takes for me at 44 and 45. I worked out today and it’s a big commitment and I’m away from my 14-year-old son and my 12-year-old son and my nine-year-old daughter.

And they deserve my time and energy and they’re getting older. I wanna be there for my son’s football games and lacrosse games and basketball games. He’ll be a freshman this year in high school. He goes to school in New York City. And that’s a big part of my life. I wanna win on the field, but I wanna win off the field."