Joe Burrow gives update on his condition

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Joe Burrow gives update on his condition
Joe Burrow gives update on his condition (Provided by Financial World)

Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow has confirmed that he is feeling healthy and ready at the start of the offseason program and he is looking forward to the next season. Burrow didn't have a proper offseason in 2020 because of the COVID-19 stuff.

Last year, Burrow was recovering from a torn ACL and MCL and wasn't able to have a full offseason. Now, Burrow is healthy and ready to go. “I feel great,” Burrow said, via Pro Football Talk. “Obviously, this is my first offseason in the NFL, so I’ve been able to take advantage of that as far as my body and my throwing and my mind and all that.

Obviously, I’ve been grinding, but it’s also been relaxing not having to worry about, ‘Am I going to be ready for the season?’ I can just focus on getting my body right, making sure I’m healthy and then relaxing”.

Burrow not wearing a knee brace

After sustaining a major knee surgery in his rookie season, Burrow played all of last season with a knee brace. Now, he is practicing without knee brace. “Yeah, it’s fun,” Burrow said of shedding the brace.

“I don’t really like wearing that thing, so it’s good to have that off”. Burrow doesn't expect the brace in games but he is keeping his options open. “I don’t anticipate wearing it but maybe get to game day and feel a little more comfortable having it on, so we’ll see,” Burrow said.

The Bengals weren't viewed as a Super Bowl contender last season but they exceeded the expectations and reached their first Super Bowl in over three decades. Burrow says the Bengals are now much more experienced and now what it takes to win a Super Bowl.

"Going into last year, we knew we were good, but I think going into the playoffs, we knew we could win but we weren't really sure what it took," Burrow said. "We just went out there and played really hard and together as a team, and it worked out. Now, we know what it takes and we have that experience in our back pockets going forward."

Joe Burrow