Skip Bayless on Dallas Cowboys: I’m sick of them, I’m tired of them

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Skip Bayless on Dallas Cowboys: I’m sick of them, I’m tired of them

As a big Dallas Cowboys fans, Skip Bayless and Ernestine Sclafani Bayless (his wife) answered questions from fans in the Skip Bayless Show. At one point he was asked what his wife had done when Bayles was watching the Cowboys.

She answered for him: “Run, run really fast, run. I have watched more games than any other woman on this planet short of analysts. When the Cowboys are on, I try to get out of the house and I monitor by watching ESPN’s scores”.

"Oh no, if the Cowboys are losing, I cannot go home yet and if they do lose the entire game then I try to sneak in without you knowing that I came home and I go in the back bedroom because I don’t want to hear you tell me play by play what happened and how you lost, and that tomorrow you’ve got to go in and eat dirt.“ Bayles told her: “When they do lose, when I’m at my lowest, give me just a little sympathy,” he says.


She replied: “That is the biggest crock going, how many times have I told you that ‘Oh, I’m sorry your team lost, but after a while, it is like ‘Why am I sorry that your team lost?’, I didn’t make them lose but I try to be nice and then what gets to me is when you say, ‘You know you could at least say you are sorry.‘,” Ernestine said.

“Pick the better team, pick the other team because they seem to STINK. They haven’t been playing well, why do you stick with these teams that aren’t playing well? It’s like it goes around and around and around”.

He replied: “Next year I’m out on them, I don’t even care anymore, I’m sick of them, I’m tired of them. I’m done with them, you don’t have to worry next year, you can either come and watch them, I don’t care."