Tyreek Hill voices belief and confidence in Tua Tagovailoa


Tyreek Hill voices belief and confidence in Tua Tagovailoa

Tyreek Hill has once again publicly defended Tua Tagovailoa, claiming that the Miami Dolphins quarterback has one of the "prettiest ball" throws he has ever caught. This offseason, Hill left Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs to sign with the Dolphins.

Mahomes has been one of the best quarterbacks in the league over the last couple of years, while Tagovailoa has yet to prove himself in the NFL. "At first, I thought it was going to be something crazy -- the ball going all over the place, but Tua actually has probably one of the prettiest balls I've ever caught in my life," Hill said, per ESPN.

"It's very catchable. Tua is a very accurate quarterback. That's all I'm going to say."

Hill: I'm confident in Tagovailoa

Tagovailoa, the fifth pick of the 2020 NFL draft, hasn't done enough to prove that he is the Dolphins' quarterback for the future.

However, Hill is confident 2022 will be the season Tagovailoa proves his doubters wrong. "I just feel like football is all about confidence and I'm very confident in my quarterback," Hill said. "So I just feel like if I'm able to help him get all the confidence in the world and push other guys to push that confidence into him, then the sky's the limit for the guy because he's a heck of a talent, has crazy arm strength, arm talent.

"We're all excited just to watch him sling the ball each and every day." Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel joined Hill in throwing support behind Tagovailoa. "I've seen a guy that's attacking the moment, a guy that really likes to play football," McDaniel said.

"You hear people describe a quarterback's instinctiveness. ... I didn't quite know what that meant. Now I have a better idea of what that meant, but I still don't have a better way to describe it besides instinctiveness."

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