Saints explain decision to trade up in draft and select Chris Olave

Olave was taken at No. 11 in this past NFL draft.

by Dzevad Mesic
Saints explain decision to trade up in draft and select Chris Olave

The New Orleans Saints traded up in this NFL draft to select Chris Olave at No. 11 and Saints director of college scouting Jeff Ireland noted there was definitely a good reason for it. Olave, who played college football at Ohio State, was putting up solid numbers for the Buckeyes and the Saints think he is a player with a great potential but also someone who is good to be around.

In his three seasons as a starter at Ohio State, Olave had 163 catches for 2,505 yards and 32 touchdowns. The Saints think highly of Olave and his abilities but they would like him to get stronger. Olave is 6-foot, his weight is listed at 187 pounds and he ran a 4.39 40-yard dash.

Ireland: We are positive about Olave

"I liked that he was a three-year starter at a major university," Ireland told The Advocate of Olave. "I liked that he was very productive in each of those years. I like that he's a great kid.

And I like the way the staff talked about him in terms of his intelligence. The fact that they could use him all over the field. The fact that he was consistent. The makeup was what we looked for. Size. He has the height and the speed.

We'd like for him to be a little stronger, and we got to put some strength on him and some muscle, but every time you would turn on the tape you would see Chris Olave making a play in that game. And I like that. And so he reminds me of some players that have played in our league, the Marvin Harrisons, that were just silky smooth and effortless.

And same body type. It doesn't look like they were running fast, but when we turn on the clock, it's like 4.3 (seconds). So there's some really good aspects to that player." The Saints were aggressive in their pursuit of Deshaun Watson this offseason but they missed out him After missing out on Watson, the Saints signed Jameis Winston to an extension. It remains to be seen how will he Winston and Olave connection work in 2022.