Mark Andrews opens on how he feels about honors, reveals his top goal for 2022

Statistically, Andrews enjoyed a great 2021 season.

by Dzevad Mesic
Mark Andrews opens on how he feels about honors, reveals his top goal for 2022

Baltimore Ravens tight end Mark Andrews claims he doesn't care that much about personal accolades as he underlined that his top priority is to become a Super Bowl champion in 2022. Last season, Andrews set his career-highs for both receptions and receiving yards.

Andrews, who earned his first First-Team All-Pro selection last year, was tied at the third position for the third-most receptions for a tight end and finished third in the most receiving yards among tight ends. Andrews enjoyed a great 2021 season but the Ravens missed out on the playoffs.

"I just work, man. I work hard, so I'm hungry. But I don't really care [about accolades].Obviously, it was an honor to have a great season. But that's not the end goal," Andrews said, via CBS Sports. "The end goal is to, hopefully, [become] a Super Bowl champion and have a ring.

That's why I'm here right now, that's why we're working hard. We have a special team. And obviously, last year wasn't the year we wanted, and we had a lot of things that kind of played into that. So, once we get guys back healthy, and we're working together, it's going to be awesome."

Andrews confident in the Ravens' current group

The Ravens were derailed by injuries last season and Andrews is confident a healthy Ravens team is capable of big things.

"I think with just having all these guys, we're going to have the ability," Andrews said. "There's a lot of guys in our room that can play football, and we're only going to get better and better, learn the offense more. I love football.

I love this place. I love this organization. It means a lot to me. [It's all about] just getting back and getting better. Just being here, being around the guys, being around the new guys. [Tight ends] coach [George] Godsey – getting to meet him. Just being around the fellas, making that team camaraderie. That's what it's all about, and I think it starts now."