Trevor Lawrence opens on his relationship with new Jaguars HC Doug Pederson

The Jaguars hired Pederson following the Urban Meyer departure.

by Dzevad Mesic
Trevor Lawrence opens on his relationship with new Jaguars HC Doug Pederson

Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence reveals he is enjoying working with coach Doug Pederson as he loves the approach Pederson has been taking with him. Lawrence, the first overall pick of the 2021 NFL draft, was coached by Urban Meyer in his rookie season.

After the 2021 season ended, the Jaguars decided to hire Super-Bowl winning coach Pederson. "I think you can always tell the way a coach communicates with a quarterback because he's been in my shoes," Lawrence said, via CBS Sports.

"Quarterback's an interesting position. It's not a big rah-rah, chew somebody out. I mean you have some coaches that are like that but for me, that's just not what I need. I can have a conversation and Coach Pederson's great about that.

At every play, he gives you a piece of feedback that another coach might not give you just because he knows what it's like and it's something little that he might see that someone else doesn't see. Having the head coach be able to step in, even today a couple times, three or four times, after a play, he'll come over and give me a little tip or whatever.

Just having a head coach that can do that and really, really knows what he's talking about is cool."

Lawrence: It's good to have the trust and belief in each other

The Jaguars had one of the most toxic locker rooms last year but Meyer is gone now.

With Pederson on the board, there is now a completely different vibe and atmosphere within the Jaguars locker room. "That's the biggest thing in a team is just trusting each other, trusting the guys in the locker room but also the staff," Lawrence said.

"That's something, clearly, we didn't have a lot of last year, so I mean I think our locker room did a great job last year of staying together. "But it's cool to see him (Pederson) make that a priority and he knows and understands that that is definitely something that we have to make sure that we have in this building.

I do think we're building that, and I mean from everything I've seen, everyone's trusting one another, really just going to work, and preparing ourselves."