Patrick Mahomes reveals what Tom Brady told him after epic AFC Championship game

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Patrick Mahomes reveals what Tom Brady told him after epic AFC Championship game

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes admitted Tom Brady saying to him that he was doing all the right things was something that he needed to hear. After a heartbreaking 2018 AFC Championship game loss, Mahomes was approached by Brady, who encouraged him to keep his head high.

"I think the biggest thing he said was is, 'You're doing it the right way. Just keep it up,'" Mahomes said, via CBS Sports. "That for me just showed that the hard work that I've been putting in, it was the right thing and I need to keep doing it [and] do more of it."

Mahomes agrees with Aaron Rodgers

During a conversation with Mahomes and Brady, Rodgers said he is willing to mentor young quarterbacks as long as they show they want someone to help them.

Rodgers was backing up Brett Favre for three years before becoming the Green Bay Packers' starting quarterback and a team legend. "I was in his hip pocket all the time," Rodgers said of backing up Favre. "I was standing behind him in the huddle sometimes, listening to what he was saying before the start of a period.

I was sitting in meetings with him, [taking] a ton of notes. I was watching hours of film on Mondays and Tuesdays trying to give him a little advantage for the week if I saw something that might help him in a game. I would print out this reports every week.

It had all the DB's we were playing and the catches that were against them and the little things I saw on film. I always joked that he just toss them in the bin on the way out. But for me it was the best thing to learn to prepare for a game." Mahomes agreed with Rodgers that younger quarterbacks need to show they want to learn from a veteran.

"I think it's more on the young guy to learn from these guys than it is for them to be teaching us," Mahomes said while gesturing to Rodgers and Brady, via CBS Sports.

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