Cooper Kupp comments on signing massive extension with Rams

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Cooper Kupp comments on signing massive extension with Rams

Cooper Kupp says the Los Angeles Rams have shown they can be trusted as an organization as he is thrilled to have secured a new deal with the team. This week, Kupp and the Rams agreed on a three-year extension, worth $80 million.

Now, Kupp is under the contract with the Rams for the next five years. Kupp had two more years on his current contract but the Rams decided to reward him with an extension. Earlier this week, the Rams also agreed on an extension with Aaron Donald.

"All the stuff on the business side, we can trust the organization to be a place that's going to take care of you," Kupp said, per ESPN. "They're going to be able to step in. There's going to be a respect there and understanding that that stuff's going to work itself out.

So we've got a lot of guys who take the right approach mentally to be the best versions of themselves first and let the business side of things kind of work themselves out."

Kupp has a great level of respect for the Rams

The Rams accomplished their goal of winning the Super Bowl last season and they are making sure to reward their top stars this ofseason.

Kupp is thrilled to be a member of the Rams organization as he thinks they are an exceptionally run organization. "And not to say that things are perfect, but we've got guys that have a respect for their players, and I think that's great," Kupp said.

"It doesn't always work out that way. I'm not naive to that, understanding that across this league there's certain things that play out. It won't always work out that way here either, but I do think, as players, understanding that you get to go out there and handle your business on the field, there's going to be an opportunity somewhere to be able to rewarded for what you've done and what you're able to produce when you're out there on those lines, playing with your guys. So I am thankful for that."

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