Mike Evans weighs in on Tom Brady returning for 23rd season

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Mike Evans weighs in on Tom Brady returning for 23rd season

Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Mike Evans says the Buccaneers' playoff exit left a sour taste in his mouth and he is happy Tom Brady has decided to return and hopefully lead the Buccaneers to a Super Bowl appearance this upcoming season.

In the divisional round, the Buccaneers suffered a 27-30 home loss to the Los Angeles Rams. The Buccaneers recovered from a 3-27 deficit to tie the game to 27-27 but a walkoff Rams field goal sealed their fate and ended their 2021 season.

Brady retired shortly after the Buccaneers' season ended but he was retired for just 40 days. "I was down here," Evans said, pointing toward the floor, per ESPN, "and then I went up here. I had no reason to believe he would come back.

He's done everything, made a lot of money, best career ever. And he still wants to play. He just loves this game and he loves his teammates and he wants to win. He said it's a sour taste left in his mouth -- there's one in mine as well.

I'm happy we've got him back for at least one more year."

Evans, Leonard Fournette thrilled to have Brady back

Fournette, who has had only words for Brady during his time with the quarterback, said he believed the quarterback would return for 2022.

"I kind of knew. I told him probably two days after the game -- I'm like, '[Tom], we can't go out like that,'" running back Leonard Fournette said. "He agreed with me. We left too many mistakes on the field that kind of messed us up.

We were playing catch-up the whole game. I think as a champion, I knew he wouldn't want to go out like that for his legacy." In his announcement message, Brady underlined that he has "unfinished business" with the Buccaneers and that is why he is playing in 2022.