Pete Carroll addresses DK Metcalf future with Seahawks

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Pete Carroll addresses DK Metcalf future with Seahawks

Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll said he was disappointed not to have DK Metcalf during this week's mandatory minicamp but expressed hope to work out something with their star wide receiver. Metcalf, who is entering his fourth season in the NFL, hasn't missed a game so far in his career.

It is not a secret that Metcalf wants a new contract and that's why he missed this week's mandatory three-day minicamp. "A decision that he had to make," Carroll said, per ESPN. "We missed him. He had done a nice job of contributing, being a part of everything we had done and then he just is not here.

So I can't say much about for what he hasn't done here, but we'd love to have him with us." Carroll confirmed that there have been some contract talks with Metcalf but obviously nothing has been worked out yet.

"These are crucial weeks to get something done and we'll see what happens and hope that we can work something out," Carroll said. "[We've] really intend to get that done."

Carroll hopes something gets done with Metcalf

The reporters wanted to know whether Carroll was less optimistic about working out a deal with Metcalf following the wide receiver's minicamp absence.

"I'm not less optimistic, no," Carroll said. "We've been through this for years. It's a challenging time. We've had so many high-profile guys that have gone through this process, and how's that worked out for us? We've figured it out in time.

John is on it. He's as experienced as you can get at handling this stuff and DK's got great representation and DK is a heck of a kid. But there's no way of avoiding the first time of this, the first time of what it feels like and the experience of it and all of that.

He's a remarkable person. He's a wonderful player. He has so much to offer the world and all, I just don't want him to miss this opportunity to where we can't figure it out. So we'll do everything we can."