Will Chris Carson be forced to retire at 27?

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Will Chris Carson be forced to retire at 27?

Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll isn't ruling out Chris Carson for 2022 but gave a strong indication that Carson's future in the NFL is up in the air. Carson, 27, appeared in just four games last season as he decided to undergo a neck surgery last December.

Six months have passed since the surgery and Carson hasn't yet been cleared to return to football activities. Carroll revealed team doctors will meet Carson in a few weeks and added that there is "a big assessment" to be done.

"They'll reconvene and see where he is and let us know," Carroll said, per ESPN.

Carroll: Carson is battling and wants to play

In his five-year career, Carson twice topped the 1,000-rushing yards mark. Carson decided to test the market last offseason but ultimately decided to sign a two-year deal to stay with the Seahawks.

"We visited -- it was about 10 days ago now -- here and had a real good chance to hang out with him and feel him," Carroll said. "He's concerned because he wants to play and he loves the game and he's a worker, he wants to work and push and all that, and there's somethings that he was still a little but restrained to do so he wasn't quite ready to do everything at that time.

"It's just hard on him. Our guys love this game that they grow up playing and when they sense that there may be an end to it, it's hard. It's difficult and it's real. We're going to love him through it and help him as much as possible if that's the case, like we do with everybody when it comes to the end of it.

It's inevitable. It's coming. But it's always too soon. We're trying to fight that off and he knows that. He's battling. He's doing everything he can and he wants to compete all the way until the last word, and so he's going for it."