Bruce Arians: I'd probably still be coaching if Tom Brady stayed retired

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Bruce Arians: I'd probably still be coaching if Tom Brady stayed retired

Bruce Arians revealed he would probably still be coaching if Tom Brady hadn't come out of retirement as Arians simply didn't want to leave Todd Bowles in a difficult situation. On February 1, Brady decided to retire, leaving the Buccaneers without a real answer at the quarterback spot.

Mid-March, Brady announced he was coming back for his 23rd season in the NFL. Two weeks later, Arians announced he was stepping down as the Buccaneers head coach. Arians was promoted to the Buccaneers' front office, while former Buccaneers defensive coordinator Bowles succeeded Arians as the team's new head coach.

"I was going the other way. I was thinking he wasn't going to play," Arians said. "I was thinking about who are we going to get? Who wants to trade? There wasn't anybody to draft. That was obvious. Me, to the public, I was fine with the two we had: Blaine (Gabbert) and Kyle (Trask).

Because I've seen Blaine win with a good team behind him. Had Tom not come back, I probably would still be coaching. I couldn't give Todd that situation."

Arians retired after Brady decided to unretire

Once Brady announced he would be playing in 2022, Arians thought he would be leaving Bowles in a good position to succeed.

"It was 90 percent that (this) year would be my last, anyway," Arians said. "Seventy was going to be it." Brady, who will turn 45 before the new season begins, recently explained what caused him to retire and then unretire.

"It's very easy when you're 25 to know what you want to do next year," Brady said. "It's very challenging when you're 43 or 44 because there's other things that are pressing and other things that are really important in your life, like your kids and your wife and different relationships, things that have always taken a back seat to football. I think that's just how it's gone for me. It's challenging, and I've got to work at those things."