Deshaun Watson addresses lawsuits made against him, reveals his regret

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Deshaun Watson addresses lawsuits made against him, reveals his regret

Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson has once stated that he is innocent in the allegations made against him but admitted that he feels sorry for how the whole situation has affected his close ones and his team. So far, 24 women have filled lawsuits against Watson.

Attorney Tony Buzbee, who represents the 24 women who have filled lawsuits against Watson, revealed this week two more women are planning to come out and sue Watson. This offseason, Watson signed a five-year, $230 million deal with the Browns.

"I do understand that I do have regrets as far as the impact that [it's had] on the community and people outside of just myself," Watson said. "And that includes my family. That includes this organization.

That includes my teammates in this locker room that have to answer to these questions. That includes the fan base of the Cleveland Browns. That includes males, females, everyone across the, the world. That's one thing I do regret is the impact that it's triggered on so many people.

It's tough to have to deal with."

Watson: I did everything the NFL asked me to do

Two grand juries in Texas declined to indict Watson on any charges. Still, Watson could face a sanction from the NFL if their investigation shows that he had violated the league's code of conduct.

"I can't control that. I did everything they asked me to do. I answered every question truthfully that the NFL asked me," Watson said. "I spent hours with the people they brought down. That's all I can do, is be honest and tell them exactly what happened.

They have a job, and so I have to respect that. And that's what we want to do is cooperate. They have to make a decision that's best for the league." The league is reportedly nearing toward concluding its investigation and announcing the news on Watson.