Dak Prescott opens on his condition, changing diet

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Dak Prescott opens on his condition, changing diet

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott has once again confirmed that he is feeling good health-wise as he is excited to be at 100 percent during minicamp activities. In the 2020 season, Prescott suffered a season-ending injury after he sustained a compound fracture and dislocated his right ankle.

12 months ago, Prescott wasn't fully cleared to take part in the team's minicamp activities. This June, a completely different story. "I think I'm so, so much further along than I was last year at this time," Prescott said.

"I mean just being able to get the team reps, being able to move more, take care of my whole body and just focus on everything and not just my leg is a huge difference."

Prescott working on his body

Prescott weighs the same as last year (228 pounds) but insists he is leaner than ever.

"People tell me that [he looks leaner], I say thank you," Prescott said. "It's a product of working on everything and not just on my leg. Whether it be diet or whatever, just focused on every way I can get better."

Over the last two years, Prescott has made big improvements to his diet. "Just training a little bit different, doing a lot more rotational things that I think dropped some of the baby fat, I guess, off," Prescott said.

In 2020, Prescott suffered a season-ending injury that also ended the Cowboys' hopes of winning the Super Bowl that year. Even after the major ankle injury, Prescott is willing to take the ball and run but now he says he has learned how to balance between risk and reward.

"And just understanding that some of those are called, why are they called?" Prescott said. "To go get the first down and get that, get some yards and get out of bounds. And just know importance of everything.

The coach isn't going to call that for me to try to go run people over and stiff arm. Being smart and understanding that me being available is the best for me."