Seahawks HC Pete Carroll praises Geno Smith, Drew Lock

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Seahawks HC Pete Carroll praises Geno Smith, Drew Lock

Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll says he is happy with what he is seeing so far from quarterbacks Geno Smith and Drew Lock. The Seahawks, who have been linked with Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield throughout the entire offseason, have yet to pull a trigger on a trade involving the former first overall pick.

In the meantime, Smith and Lock are battling for the Seahawks' starting quarterback spot. "They've been really impressive," Carroll said of Smith and Lock, per ESPN. "And it's not been any one sequence here or one day here.

They have just been solid throughout. We've shared a ton of reps. Geno has gone with the first group throughout, but they've had very close to equal reps in situational opportunities throughout. They've done a terrific job so far.

They look in control."

Carroll: Smith is still ahead of Lock

Smith has been with the Seahawks since 2019, while Lock was traded to the Seahawks this offseason. "Geno's still ahead -- you can tell that -- but it's not going to be too much for Drew to be caught up.

By the time we get through camp, he'll be there. He's really bright. It makes sense to him. He's really sharp in the huddle and at the line of scrimmage and all of that, so it's just time that he needs," Carroll added.

Lock, who failed to convince the Denver Broncos that he was their quarterback for the future, is now battling to be the starting quarterback for the Seahawks. "I tried to compare the whole time: 'Did Teddy beat me that day, or did I win that day?'" Lock said.

"And overall, if you start thinking like that, it's just not good for your mental. It's not good for your process of becoming a better quarterback. It's not about who won that day. It's about, 'Did I get better today to make the guys around me better?'"